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Examples of Dr. Graves' Descriptions and Terminology

with Spiral Dynamics Colors, Labels, Transitions

Comparing Dr. Graves Labels and Spiral Dynamics Designations for the Spiral Model

Early letter pairs* Later letter pairs* Level Numbers
Six-on-six (tiers)
Some of 
Dr. Graves's terms
SD Colors**
for vMEMEs
SD Names
A-N A-N 1st Subsistence Automatic, Reflexological BEIGE SurvivalSense
B-O B-O 2nd Subsistence Tribalistic, Animistic PURPLE KinSpirits
C-P C-P 3rd Subsistence Egocentric RED PowerGods
D-Q D-Q 4th Subsistence Deferential, Absolutistic BLUE TruthForce
E-R E-R 5th Subsistence Multiplistic, Materialistic ORANGE StriveDrive
F-S F-S 6th Subsistence Sociocentric, Relativistic GREEN HumanBond
G-T A'-N' 1st Being
(7th Level)
Cognitivistic, Existential YELLOW FlexFlow
H-U B'-O' 2nd Being
(8th Level)
Experientialistic TURQUOISE GlobalView
I-V C'-P' 3rd Being
(9th Level)
etc. ',", etc. etc   TEAL  

OVERVIEW of Graves/SD Language


The First Subsistence Level: The AN or Autistic Existential State
Automatic Maintaining physiological stability

"Express self as if just another animal according to the dictates of one's imperative physiological needs and the environmental possibilities"

SurvivalSense: Instinctive
AN BEIGE (World1)..............Survival/meeting biological needs/instinctive drives & urges

BEIGE / PURPLE Awakening of a sense of dependent self in a mysterious and frightening world where being with others means safety

The Second Subsistence Level: The BO or Animistic Existential State
Tribalistic Achievement of relative safety

"Sacrifice one's desires to the ways of one's elders"

KinSpirits: Clannish
BO PURPLE (World2)............Safety/tribal needs/adherence to ritual/obeying chief(s)/harmony

PURPLE / RED Awakening of an egocentric self determined to break the shackles of the family or tribe and become a powerful individual

The Third Subsistence Level: The CP or Egocentric Existential State
Egocentric Living with self-awareness

"Express self to hell with others lest one suffer the torment of unbearable shame"

PowerGods: Egocentric
CP RED (World3)...............….Power/action/excitement/proving individual prowess/shame

RED / BLUE Awakening of a purposeful self with guilt in search of meaning in a purposeful existence and reasons why we live and die

The Fourth Subsistence Level: The DQ or Absolutistic Existential State
Deferentialistic Achieving everlasting peace of mind

"Sacrifice self now to receive reward later"

TruthForce: Purposeful
DQ BLUE (World4)........…......Purpose/obedience to authority/stability/rules/meaning/guilt/duty

BLUE / ORANGE Awakening of a pragmatic, independence-seeking self who challenges higher authority and scientifically tests possibilities

The Fifth Subsistence Level: The ER or Multiplistic Existential State
Materialistic Conquering the physical universe so as to overcome want

"Express self for what self desires, but in a fashion calculated not to bring down the wrath of others."

StriveDrive: Strategic
ER ORANGE (World5)....Competition/success/making things better/autonomy/control/growth

ORANGE / GREEN Awakening of a sociocentric self who strives for belonging and acceptance to discover spirit, inner harmony, peace

The Sixth Subsistence Level: The FS or Relativistic Existential State
Personalistic Living with the human element

"Sacrifice now in order for get acceptance now and so all get now"

HumanBond: Relativistic
FS GREEN (World6).....….Affiliation/sustainability/collaboration/teamwork/fulfillment/sharing

GREEN / YELLOW Awakening of an inquiring, interdependent self who no longer needs approval yet can collaborate when appropriate

The First Being Level: The A'N' or Systemic Existential State
Cognitivistic Restoring viability to a disordered world

"Express self for what self desires but never a the expense of others, and in a manner that all life, not just my life, will profit."

FlexFlow: Systemic
A'N' YELLOW (World7).......Being/functionality/discovery/integralism/responsibilities of living

YELLOW / TURQUOISE Awakening of experiential self who seeks ways of being that use knowledge to restore natural harmony and balance

The Second Being Level: The B'O' Existential State
Experientialistic Accepting existential dichotomies

GlobalView: Holistic
B'O' TURQUOISE (World8)...Experience of holism/global community/integration of life energies


* For those unfamiliar with Dr. Clare W. Graves' original descriptions, the letter pairs represent the Levels of Psychological Existence along the emergent double-helix as Life Conditions (times, place, problems, circumstances represented by the first letter in most writings) interact with the neurobiological Coping Systems (the second letter) activated in the mind/brain. There are two transitional stages between each pair, Entering and Exiting. Changes of mind can can lead to actions that change the world. Shifts in the world can alter the workings of the mind. The model is open-ended, a work-in-progress which invites further development and research as new Levels of Existence emerge.

* * For those who are curious, the colors were chosen back in the 1970's by Chris Cowan as a design element for 35mm title slides. They were for aesthetic proposes and to make B&W titles more attractive, not theoretical labels. Dr. Graves never used colors; they are not his and those who present them as such demonstrate a lack of background. In addition, there is no intentional correlation with the chakras or any other model, and the colors have only slight metaphorical significance as a memory aid and explained in the book, Spiral Dynamics, and elsewhere on this site.

Sources for this page include Dr. Graves' 1981 and 1982 Summary Statements, as well as other published and unpublished materials. See the website for more references, as well as links to other applications of Dr. Graves' work.

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